City By Design

by Roberto C. Treviño


Housing Stabilization Program

Under 1 Roof was created in 2015 to enable people to age in place while helping them to preserve their largest asset – their home. This is achieved by identifying and replacing failing roofs with a free, energy-efficient “high-reflectance roof” to address life safety issues while improving health outcomes, improving energy efficiency, reducing utility bills, and demonstrating the benefits of a passive heat dissipating roof system to builders and residents.

A functioning roof allows homeowners with limited means the opportunity to address additional home repair and maintenance concerns over time as such issues are no longer exacerbated by water and energy leaks. It improves their quality of life by reducing energy consumption, thereby reducing utility bills – saving them money.


Key Benefits

Under 1 Roof installation temperatures dropped by an average of + 20 °F

Average attic temperature reduction of 6.3 °F during daytime

Larger attic temperature reduction of 10.1 °F during afternoon

Heat Impact

Improving Quality of Life through High Solar Reflectance Roof Repair

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By using a design-forward methodology, cities can thoughtfully solve issues through conscientious planning, creating cities by design, not by default.